Our Classroom

  • Trained instructors use Socratic method of learning.

  • Concepts taught.

  • Well-planned and curriculum-backed lesson plans.

  • 1 hour sessions.

  • Classes range from 1 to 6 students.

  • Each class is grouped by grade level


Socratic Method Of Learning

  • Mentors avoid lecturing in favor of asking carefully crafted questions.

  • Questions aren’t simply “How” or “Why” questions.

  • Questions are designed to bridge the gap between what a student considers familiar to what is unfamiliar to them.

Learning with Tablets

Math Curriculum

  • Reinforces conceptual and abstract thinking, while still providing real world examples and word problems for students to tackle.

  • Algorithmic methods are approached step by step and explained.

  • Topics are discussed, and revisited every year.

Building Blocks

Learning is a process of making the unfamiliar familiar. Thus, we expose and re-expose our students to key concepts through a fantastic build-up of problems designed not only to be practice, but to do half the teaching as well.