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10th grader at McMillen High School (PISD)

Murphy Learning Center student since 2017

Did MTGK math at MLC



Conceptual Learning At Murphy Learning Center

"I stayed in Kumon’s Reading Program until I finished it in 6th grade, and I’ll just say that reading Shakespeare as a 9-year-old, starting in the middle of the text, with no context helps no one, but MTGK was the exact opposite. I remember that the work that I received was challenging and required more from me than just memorizing math facts. The trained instructors at Murphy Learning Center wrote the word problems on the white board for me and there was always a discussion about how to solve the problem, which led me to think in a conceptual way."


From Hating Math to Loving It

"Initially, it was challenging as MTGK math consists of a lot of word problems, but their conceptual way of teaching made math fun for me. It allowed me to use creativity while doing math, something I had never done before. It helped me see all the connections and intricacies there were within math. It was what got me from hating math to absolutely loving it."


MTGK Math Changed Her Life!

"Now, MTGK math isn’t your regular tutoring material,  it’s meant for those who have been failed by the educational system and I mean that in two different regards. The first are those who are struggling in school. Murphy Learning Center can help you understand the deeper meaning behind what you learn at school and therefore yield better results. The second are those who find school too easy and need to be challenged. I was one of those kids who was never challenged in school and MLC made me a better mathematician than any public school ever. I got a 290 on the MAP test in 5th grade and in the same year passed the STAAR test with a perfect score without even checking it and I got into the Plano Math Rocks program. When I took the SAT in seventh grade, I got a 720/800 without even studying.  MTGK math allowed me to reach my full potential. I remember learning things in 3rd grade MTGK that I just learned in Geometry. There is no other program that can prepare you for school the way MTGK math does. With the help of MTGK math, I will be forever grateful for the skills I continue to learn and master. I highly recommend Murphy Learning Center for anybody who wants to explore Math and English, whether they need help in school or want to be challenged."