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English Program at Murphy Learning Center

Qualified + Passionate + Dedicated Tutors
Customized Curriculum
Reading + Writing + Grammar

Learning Pod

English Reading

Reinforces grade level skills and enhances students' reading proficiency using Practice, Assess, and Diagnose. Our standard based resources provide an engaging and purposeful practice page for every day of the school year, with each week following a consistent format. Foundation skills and anchor standards for reading are addressed daily through poetry, fiction, and nonfiction passages, allowing students ample opportunity to interact with text and advance in text complexity. We use the diagnostic tools to record evidence of student learning, assess progress, and identify intervention or enrichment needs.

Online Learning

Our books include:

✔️ Comprehending texts independently and proficiently

✔️ Determining central ideas and themes 

✔️ Interpreting the meanings and tones of words and phrases

✔️ Applying the word analysis skills 

✔️ Assessing the author’s purpose and point of view

✔️ Making logical inferences

✔️ Summarizing key details and ideas 

✔️ Responding to literature

✔️ A full length, on grade level, practice test measures progress

Learning Pod


At Murphy Learning Center, we identify students' interests and structure the lesson plans around them, ensuring their motivation in wanting to learn more.

Our books include:

Provide Purposeful Daily Practice To Build Mastery With Writing Skills

Our textbooks provide students with writing practice in all genres, while also strengthening their grammar skills. Creative, theme-based units allow students opportunities to practice the five steps of the writing process. Students start by interacting with mentor texts and then apply their learning to their own written pieces. Students' confidence will thrive through this engaging standard-based writing activities. 

Distance Learning
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